Rocky Road

Rocky Road, a chocolate lovers dream come true. For me homemade Rocky Road is a great gluten free treat as it allows you to get a little creative.

There are very limited options when it comes to pre packaged gluten free chocolate that has delicious fillings or toppings which is one the reasons I love making rocky road because you get to add all of your favourite fillings and go wild.

When making this Rocky Road I was torn with what I wanted to include and what I didn’t.

I knew that I didn’t want to have to many ingredients but I still wanted to keep the traditional texture that comes with traditional Rocky Road.

I knew that I wanted marshmallows but when it came to the other ingredients I had a slight struggle. Did I want biscuits? Did I want to use nuts? If so what type? What could I use as jellies?

After some research on gluten free ingredients I opted for what I would call a very “traditional” Rocky Road that only requires 3 basic ingredients, marshmallows, almonds and Turkish delight. 

What I love about Rocky Road is you don’t have to use the exact ingredients I’ve used for it to taste delicious. If you have a favourite brand of marshmallows then use that or if you want to change the almonds for peanuts then by all means do that.

In this case the marshmallows I chose to use are the Pascall Marshmallows and the Turkish delight I chose to use was a Fry’s Turkish delight bar. It is important to note that these products are gluten free by ingredient. The May Contain statement for the Pascall Marshmallows is traces of Milk. The Allergy statement for Fry’s Turkish delight is that it contains Milk and Soy and the May Contain statement notes traces of Peanuts and Tree Nuts. As always please check product ingredients at the time of purchase, as they are subject to change that may make them unsuitable for those with Coeliac Disease.

While they do include “Wheat glucose Syrup” In 2016, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) announced a change to Standard 1.2.3 of the Food Standards Code that glucose syrup made from wheat was exempt from allergen labelling requirements as the ingredient is so highly processed that it is gluten free even though a gluten source is indicated. For more information on this please click here

Gluten Free Rocky Road

Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Course: Baking
Author: Its All Gluten Free


  • 80 grams Almonds
  • 3 (167g) Fry’s Turkish Delight Bars
  • 160 grams Pascall Marshmallows
  • 490 grams Milk Chocolate
  • 50 grams Dark Chocolate


  • Line a baking tray with baking paper (keep in mind that the smaller the tin is, deeper the rocky road will be) 
  • Chop up your marshmallows and Turkish delight bar into bite size chunks (you can cut them as big or small as you want) 
  • Melt your chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water, and stir until melted. 
  • Now pour some of your chocolate mixture into a small bowl, you don’t need much just a little for the topping (I left about a quarter of the mixture) 
  • With your remaining chocolate mixture add in your almonds, marshmallows and Turkish delight, once combined pour into your lined baking tray. 
  • Now take your chocolate you put aside and pour over the top, then smooth out with a spatula (This allows you to even out the top and fill in any cracks, which means your rocky road will be easy to cut up and less likely to break) 
  • Once you are happy with it tap it lightly on your bench to remove any bubbles, and allow to set. Mine took 3-4 hours to set in the fridge then I removed it and chopped it into my preferred size and left it at room temperature. If you are in a warm climate I would suggest storing it in the refrigerator. 


Fry’s Turkish Delight bars are gluten free in Australia, as are Pascal Marshmallows. As with all gluten free products I advise that you always check the origin and product ingredients at the time of purchase as product ingredients are always subject to changes that can make them unsafe for a Coeliac allergy.

If you get the chance to make this Rocky Road I would love to know what you think, feel free to tag me over at @itsallglutenfree on instragram!


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