Rice Krispie Treats

During the week I was strolling thru the supermarket isles looking at various products seeing what was gluten free and what wasn’t, when I stumbled across the Muesli bar section and I saw all the LCM Bars. I picked up a packet hoping that they were gluten free only to see that they contained barley and gluten. 

Growing up LCM bars would always be in my lunchbox or my afternoon tea snack. Obviously, I know that these aren’t the healthiest option, but they do make for a great on the go snack and I’m all about things in moderation. Given that I now had a major craving, I decided to make my own gluten free version that tastes delicious and only requires four ingredients.  

I am thrilled to say that these rice krispie treats taste amazing, they don’t have that overly artificial sugar taste and they still have the perfect amount of flavour from the mini marshmallows and crunch from the rice puffs. Now in full transparency when I first made these, they tasted incredible, but were a total baking fail. They were a nightmare to work with, I couldn’t mix the rice puffs into the marshmallow quick enough and they stuck to any and everything.  Saying that they were a nightmare was really an understatement, but they did taste amazing, so as I continued to eat the mixture from the pan, I knew I had to have another try. 

I’m now pleased to say that on my second attempt I nailed it, the secret? Non-Stick Canola Oil cooking spray. By spraying your spatula and kitchen knife with a thin layer of non-stick spray you stop the marshmallow mixture sticking to the spatula and as a result you can successful stir the rice puffs in and gently lift the mixture into a lined baking tray and evenly spread it. Don’t get me wrong working with marshmallow can still get difficult at times, but providing you have all your ingredients measured and easily accessible you won’t have any issues. 

Now I chose to create this version using white mini marshmallows instead of standard marshmallows purely because I didn’t want to have to buy a packet of pink and white marshmallows and only be able to use the white ones, so I went to the hot chocolate section of the supermarket and found some packets of only White Mini Marshmallows that were gluten free (see notes) that being said I haven’t tried it with standard marshmallows and wouldn’t, as I loved the unique taste the Mini Marshmallows gave. 

If you get the chance to make these yummy rice krispie treat’s I would love to know what you think! Feel free to reach out to me over on Instagram at @itsallglutenfree

Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats

Makes 10
Prep Time10 mins
Resting Time2 hrs
Course: Baking
Author: Georgia


  • 120g Salted Butter
  • 250g Gluten Free Rice Puffs (see notes)
  • 400g Gluten Free White Mini Marshmallows (see notes)
  • 50g Milk chocolate chips (optional)
  • Non Stick Canola Oil Cooking Spray


  • Measure out your butter, marshmallows and rice puffs so that you have them ready to go and line your desired baking tin with baking paper. 
  • Next using your non-stick canola oil spray, gently spray the bottom of a spatula and kitchen knife. This step is vital as it will stop the mixture from sticking and allow you to place your mixture into your baking tray and spread it without sticking to the saucepan. 
  • Then grab a saucepan and melt your butter and marshmallows on a medium heat and constantly stir until all they have all melted ( for this I use a large saucepan that I would use to cook pasta, because you are mixing everything in this pan, you want it nice and deep). 
  • Once your mixture is light and completely melted, poor in your rice puffs and start stirring with your pre sprayed spatula. You want to make sure that you stir quickly, as the longer the mixture is left the harder it is to remove. 
  • When your rice puffs are all evenly coated, remove the saucepan from the heat and gently start lifting the mixture (using the spatula) into the baking tray. 
  • Once you have all your mixture into the baking tray gently use the spatula to press it down, don’t worry if it feels like the mixture is sticking, the marshmallows will start to look stringy but that’s completely normal. Now use your kitchen knife to scrap any excess from the pan and spatula and finish spreading the rice bubbles out into a nice even layer. 
  • When they have cooled in the tray for 2-3 minutes you can top them with chocolate chips or sprinkles and then allow the mixture to set for 1-2 hours. Once set, cut into squares and enjoy! You can store them in an airtight container in either the fridge or pantry, I like mine in the pantry as they can go a little hard in the fridge.


The Rice Puffs I used are the Gluten Free Rice Puffs from Freedom Foods, and I used the Coles White Mini Marshmallows from the hot chocolate section as they don’t contain gluten. It’s also important to note that I always recommend that you check the ingredient lists of any product at the time of purchase to ensure it is gluten free, as often products “may contain” allergy statements can change and therefore make a product no longer gluten free. I have linked the specific GF Rice Puffs here and the Mini Marshmallows here that I used.

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