Custard Cream Biscuit Rocky Road

I’m sure by now you may have noticed that nearly all of my recipes have some form of chocolate in them, because it’s no secret that I love chocolate. One of my favourite ways to eat chocolate is to make homemade rocky road.

I love rocky road so much because as someone that can’t go to the supermarket and by the yummy flavoured chocolate blocks that contain gluten, I can make rocky road which is the next best thing. I always look at making rocky road like being able to design your own chocolate bar, you can put all your favourite things into one to make your ideal flavour combo. 

My preferred chocolate flavour is always milk chocolate, but I do love white chocolate especially when it has other ingredients in it. I made a delicious milk chocolate rocky road a few months ago and when I shared it on here you guys loved it, so I knew I had to make a white chocolate version for all my white chocolate lovers. 

I never thought I would be typing this, but I actually loved this white chocolate version more than my milk chocolate one!! The white chocolate mixed with the custard cream biscuits which just got better and better as they days went by, paired with the chewiness from the raspberry jellies and softness of the marshmallows made for the best white chocolate rocky road I have ever had. 

For this version of rocky road, I wanted it to have a biscuit component unlike my milk chocolate one. When I was thinking about what biscuits would work, I decided to go with some gluten free custard cream because I liked the idea of the custard cream filling working its way through the rocky road. If I’m being honest the use of a custard cream biscuit makes this rocky road because it adds a richer more caramel taste to the rocky road compared to a plain biscuit. 

I then decided to add some red gummy/lollies instead of Turkish delight, and I went with some classic pink and white marshmallows. I did also top the rocky road with some white mini marshmallows because I had some left over from another recipe. This addition is completely optional, but I would do definitely do this again as it added a nice flavour and texture on top.

When it comes to white chocolate I would suggest using your current gluten free favourite, but if you are like me and didn’t have one I used the Coles white chocolate buttons which I have linked here as it is gluten free by ingredient and it doesn’t have a contains or may contain gluten statement (as always, I suggest reading and checking the label of all ingredients that you buy to make sure its gluten free).

I was honestly so surprised with how nice this white chocolate was, it had such an intense taste compared to other more expensive white chocolates that I have tried, and the buttons are $2.50 for 375g which is great value considering you need a lot of white chocolate to make rocky road. I’m a big believer that when you are making rocky road you need a decent chocolate, but not a ridiculously priced chocolate, as you are adding so many other ingredients that the chocolate taste is a lot more muted than if you were eating it straight.

I have attached photos of the specific biscuits and lollies that I used, as I know it can be hard to find gluten free versions. The gluten free gummy lollies I used were from Woolworths and the biscuits I used were from Coles supermarket and they are my preferred gluten free Custard Cream biscuit, but you can also find gluten free alternatives from Woolworths and Countdown. 

A few suggestions

  • I would recommend only using the red gummy flavour lollies which are either strawberry or raspberry, as that adds a really nice flavour and colour to the rocky road. I wouldn’t recommend using the green, yellow or orange ones as those flavours wouldn’t work with this rocky road. 
  • I couldn’t get my hands on a pack of just red gluten free lollies so I bought a packet of mixed gluten free jelly gummies and chose to only use the red jellies from the lolly pack. I bought two packs to make sure that I had enough red jellies and then I put all the other lolly colours in a lolly jar in my pantry, so they don’t go to waste. (If you are anything like me you will snack on the other flavours whilst making the rocky road) 
  • What’s great about this rocky road is that you can put as many or as little ingredients in as you want. I tend to stick to no more than three ingredients (not including the chocolate) as I find that if you have to many things you can’t taste them all, but I use a decent amount of each ingredient because no one wants to bite into rocky road and not taste anything. 
  • I also prefer to cut all my ingredients into small pieces, not only does it look better when you slice it, it means that you can bite into the rocky road and not break your teeth. 
  • I like to save some of the white chocolate to spread on the top of the rocky road once it’s in the tray, I also like to top it with a few mini marshmallows and some left over biscuits or jelly, this part is totally optional.
  • Lastly always check that the ingredients you are buying are gluten free, as often products may contain statements can change and its far better to be safe than sorry. 

If you get the chance to make this white chocolate rocky road I would love to know what you think! Feel free to message me over on Instagram at @itsallglutenfree I love a chat. Hope you enjoy – Georgia

Gluten Free Custard Cream Biscuit Rocky Road

Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time2 mins
Resting Time3 hrs
Course: Baking
Author: Georgia


  • 450g White Chocolate*
  • 180g Gluten Free Red gummies/lollies*
  • 160g Pascal Marshmallows
  • 240g Coles Gluten Free Custard Cream Biscuits ( 2 packets)
  • Handful of White Mini Marshmallows (optional)


  • Line a baking tray with baking paper, used a brownie tin that was approximately 20x20x8cm (refer to pics above for size reference)
  • Now you can chop up all the ingredients for the rocky road. I chopped the marshmallows, jellies and biscuits in half then in half again so I ended up with smaller pieces so that when you bite into the rocky road it’s easier to eat and slice (you can cut the ingredients as big or small as you want).
  • Once you have chopped all of your ingredients, place them in a bowl and set aside. You can also place some ingredients aside to sprinkle on the top if you wish. 
  • Then melt your white chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir until melted. 
  • Now pour some of your chocolate mixture into a separate small bowl, you don’t need much just a little for the smooth out over the top (I put aside about a quarter of the mixture).  
  • With your remaining chocolate mixture add in your marshmallows, biscuits and jellies, once combined pour into your lined baking tray. 
  • Now take the chocolate you put aside and pour over the top, then smooth out with a spatula (this allows you to even out the top and fill in any cracks, which means your rocky road will be easy to cut up and less likely to break) 
  • Once you are happy with it tap it lightly on your bench to remove any bubbles and allow to set. Mine took about 3 hours to set at room temperature. 
  • Once it had set, I then removed it from the tray and chopped it into my preferred size, then I placed it in an airtight container in the pantry. If you are in a warm climate I would suggest setting and storing it in the refrigerator. 


  • See above blog posts for what specific gluten free ingredients I used. 


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