Dracula Dentures

When it comes to Halloween I’m all about chocolate, lollies and treats that are super easy to make. These Dracula Dentures don’t require any baking and all the ingredients can be found at the supermarket which makes them the perfect last minute Halloween treat.

To make it even easier I decided to upload a step by step picture guide showing exactly how I made these treats. I have also shared all the products I used so you won’t have to search for a specific gluten free version. If you celebrate Halloween then I hope you get to enjoy some delicious gluten free treats! Hope you enjoy -Georgia 🙂

All the gluten free ingredients you will need.

Gluten Free Dracula Dentures

Author: Georgia


  • 1 Packet Gluten Free Mini Marshmallows
  • 10x Gluten Free Cookie Biscuits
  • 400g Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting
  • 4-5 drops Red Food colouring
  • Handful of Slivered Almonds


  • Open your vanilla frosting and place 4-5 drops of red food colouring into the jar and stir until you are happy with the red colour (we are aiming for a blood colour).
  • Then spread a genorous layer of red icing on both sides of the cookie.
  • Then on one of the cookies place your mini marshmallows all around the edge of the cookie (see photo above)
  • Then place the cookie with only icing on it, ontop of the marshmallow cookie.
  • Gently push the cookie down slightly so that the top cookie wont fall off.
  • Then grab two slivered almonds that are around the same length and place them in the icing, about 4 marshmallows apart (these act as the "fangs", see photo steps above if stuck)
  • Then repeat until all your cookies are finished. Then place on a platter and serve!
  • If you get stuck during any of the stages then I have a step by step photo guide above to help 🙂


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