Black Forest Chocolate

Before my gluten free days Black Forest chocolate was always my go to chocolate block, I was literally obsessed with the jellies and biscuits. If I had one criticism of the Black Forest blocks it would be that they never have enough jellies, so it was great to be able to create a gluten free block that had the perfect amount of jellies (not gonna lie I like a lot, but you can add as many or as little as you want).

This chocolate is super easy to make and if I had to describe it I would say it’s a cross between rocky road and chocolate bark. To make it all you need is some milk chocolate, gluten free chocolate biscuits and some raspberry and blackcurrant jellies. I have also listed the exact gluten free ingredients I used down the bottom of the recipe. If you get the chance to make this I would love to know what you think! Enjoy – Georgia

Gluten Free Black Forest Chocolate

Prep Time10 mins
Setting Time3 hrs
Course: Baking


  • 400g Milk chocolate
  • 160g Red & Blackcurrant Jelly Lollies *see notes
  • 60g (approx 6 biscuits) Gluten free oreo/cookie and cream biscuits *see notes


  • Line a baking tray with baking paper and set aside.
  • Chop your lollies into small bite sized pieces and set aside (I like my lollies chopped small so that you get a lolly in each bite)
  • Gently split your gluten free cookie and cream biscuits in half, and scrap out the oreo filling so that you are just left with plain biscuits. Then gently break the biscuits up into small pieces (about the same size as the lollies).
  • Now melt your milk chocolate, then pour in your lollies (my biggest tip is to slowly add the lollies so that they dont all stick together) then mix together.
  • Now pour in your biscuits and mix until all the biscuits and lollies have been evenly coated in milk chocolate.
  • Then pour into your lined baking tray and spread out with the back of a spatula. Making sure you gently tap the tin on the bench to remove any air bubbles.
  • Now place in the fridge to set for 2-3 hours, then cut and enjoy!


  • You can use any gluten free milk chocolate that you want. 
  • The lollies I used were the Woolworths Jelly Babies which you can find here
  • The biscuits I used were the Coles Gluten Free Cookies & Cream Biscuits which you can find here
As always I suggest that you check the ingredients to make sure that products are still gluten free as ingredients can often change. 


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