Gluten Free Christmas Guide

Last month I was thinking about Christmas and how difficult it can be for people who are buying for someone that is gluten free (especially when they don’t know exactly what they can or can’t have) This got me thinking and I decided that it would be super fun to create a gift guide that either helped people buy presents for the gluten free people in their life or gave us gluten free crew some ideas on what we wanted to eat and buy this Christmas.

If you have a family member, loved one, co-worker or secret Santa that is gluten free, then I have you covered. I managed to find some great gluten free gifts that range from $10-$50 and can be found online and in store. Whether you are after one gift or some awesome stocking fillers, I have something for everyone. I wanted to make this gluten free gift guide for suitable for any age and gender, so I have included some chocolate themed gifts, Christmas themed gifts, foodie gifts and some kid friendly gifts. I hope you enjoy!

Under $10/Stocking Fillers

  1. Cadbury Marshmallow Santa 5 Pack $4 available here
  2. Nutella Christmas Glass Jar 200g $4 available here
  3. Pana Organic Chocolate 45g $6 available here
  4. Jelly Belly Assorted Christmas Favourite Jelly Bean Box 140g $6.95 available here
  5. Smyths Christmas Mix Snack 1kg $8 available here
  6. Cadbury Eclairs 420g $8 available here
  7. Nutella Hazelnut Christmas Edition 1kg $10 available here

Under $20

  1. Beechworth Honey Almond Nougat 86g $12 available here
  2. Nestle Quality Street Tub 726g $12.50 available here
  3. Buttermilk Fudge Pink Gin Fudge 150g $12.95 available here
  4. Walkers Gluten Free Shortbread Rounds 140g $13 available here
  5. Walkers Gluten Free Ginger & Lemon Shortbread Rounds 140g $13 available here
  6. Gingerbread Folk Christmas Miniatures Box 130g $13 available here
  7. Jelly Belly 20 Individual Flavours Jelly Beans Gift Box 250g $19.95 available here

Under $40

  1. David Jones Food Gluten Free Christmas Pudding 800g $35 available here
  2. Newcastle’s Pudding Lady Gluten Free Christmas Pudding 500g $35 available here
  3. Gingerbread Folk Gluten Free House Kit 600g $40 available here
  4. Random Harvest Jams Jams Jams Cary Case $35.95 available here (also stocked in Myer and David Jones
  5. Random Harvest Mini Me Chocolate Lovers 3x50ml $22 available here

Under $50

  1. Random Harvest Mini Entertaining Condiments With Cheese Board Pack 240g $40 available here
  2. Random Harvest Entertainers Delight Pack 485g $42 available here

Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer: As always, I recommend that you check the ingredients before purchasing any product, to ensure that it is gluten free. Often a product can be gluten free in one country and not in another. Product ingredients can also change regularly. I have attached the links to where all these products can be purchased in Australia and on these websites, you will find the allergen statements of each product according to Australian regulations. However, if you are based outside of Australia, I would suggest checking your local countries site/product to ensure that it is gluten free. Also this post isn’t sponsored in anyway and no links provided are affiliate links, I genuinely just had a blast putting this all together.


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