Hi, My name is Georgia and I am the person behind Its All Gluten Free. I was born in Wellington, New Zealand and have spent the last five years living in Melbourne, Australia.

I first started my gluten free Instagram account in 2017 when I was half way through studying Public Relations at Deakin University. I had just been diagnosed with Non–Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity which means that I suffer from many symptoms someone with Coeliac disease would endure, however I lack the same antibodies and intestinal damage seen in Coeliac disease. After multiple tests and procedures, medical experts advised me that the best treatment would be to remove all forms of gluten from my diet.

I would be lying if I said that becoming 100% gluten free was a smooth process, it was emotional, isolating and daunting for both my loved ones and myself. I was struggling to navigate a world that already struggles to cater to those with food intolerances, and was left desperate for a creative outlet that allowed me to share my struggles and connect with fellow allergy sufferers.

Fast-forward to today, where I have since graduated with a Degree in Public Relations, embraced the highs and lows that come with a gluten free life, and built a platform that allows me to connect with people all over the world, while sharing my passion for baking. My goal for this page has always been to share delicious 100% gluten free recipes, which make people with food intolerances feel that they aren’t missing out. One of my biggest passions is to take classic baking dishes that I loved growing up and recreate them so that anyone can enjoy them.

I am a big believer that creating delicious gluten free food doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. Navigating a world full of gluten is hard enough; baking drool worthy gluten free treats doesn’t have to be harder. I choose to use ingredients that are affordable and widely available and receive an immense amount of joy seeing people with or without food intolerances enjoying my recipes.

I hope you enjoy!